• Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer of propylene (propene).
PP Grades Melt flow rate
(at 230 ° С 2.16 kg)
g / 10 min
Density (g / sm3) Application and properties
L H3066-03.O 2,9-3,9 0,90-0,91 production of biaxial oriented polypropylene film (BOPP), as a resin for laminating film and wrapper for snacks / bakery products, production of metallized film
L Н5072-03.O 3,0-4,0 0,90-0,91 The production of elongated tape (raffia), which is used for: the production of woven cloth, for basic, burlap;
industrial applications; production of geotextiles, tows and twine.
L Н5088-25G.О 21,0-29,0 0,90-0,91 yarn, the fiber of which is used in the production of a covering thread for carpets.
L H3150-02.O 2,1-2,9 0,90-0,91 thermoforming and extrusion pneumatic forming for the production of packaging products
L R7175-35.Р 30,0-40,0 0,885-0,905 manufacture of packaging and household utensils


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