Polyethylene (HDPE)

Polyethylene (HDPE)



  • Polyethylene is a thermoplastic transparent polymer with high chemical resistance. The raw material for it is the simplest olefin – ethylene gas.
  • Polyethylene is produced by polymerizing ethylene at low and high pressures in the form of granules from 2 to 5 mm.


HDPE Grades Melt flow rate (g/ 10 min) Density (kg / m3) Apllication and properties
Inpipe 100 0.25-0.35
(5 kg load)
957-961 pipe extrusion, water and gas transportation
J53-08 N2000 6.5-9.5
(21.6 kg load)
951-955 all kinds of super thin film released at high line speed
В50-35Н-111 0.3-0.4
(2.16 kg load)
948-952 packaging products for household chemicals, containers for drugs and cosmetics
НР50-25-155 0.18-0.26
(2.16 kg load)
949-953 shock forming, packaging up to 30 lt for chemicals and large household goods
Т60-475-119 4-5.6
(2.16 kg load)
959-963 technical details of garbage containers
Т50-500 5.4-7.6
(2.16 kg load)
951-955 buckets, shopping cart, wheel hubs, injection molding of general purpose goods.
А4009МFN1325 0.7-1.1
(2.16 kg load)
958-962 Extrusion of high-strength monofilament yarns and tapes, as well as the line of food products, injection molding


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