Lump Sulfur and Granular Sulfur

Lump Sulfur and Granular Sulfur



Granular sulfur has various uses in the Industry, whether as a raw material, as an intermediate product or as an additive used to catalyse certain reactions.


  • Manufacture of sulphuric acid
  • Manufacture of synthetic fibers (caprolactams)
  • Vulcaniser in the Rubber industry


Name of parameter Figure
Mass fraction of sulfur, % not less than 99.95
Mass fraction of ash, % not less than 0.03
Mass fraction of organic compounds, % not more than 0.03
Mass fraction of acids converted to sulfuric acid, % not more than 0.003
* Mass fraction of moisture, % not more than 0.2
Presence of mechanical impurities absent
Color bright yellow

In lump sulfur there is a possibility of increasing of mass fraction of moisture up to 2% providing recalculation of actual weight of overall volume for normalized moisture.


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